Safeguarding from Cybercrime: 4 Crucial Tips to Prevent Phishing

Cyber attacks are on the rise. As more internet users are utilizing digital wallet services, and a larger number of employees are using cloud computing while working from home, data breaches are...
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What Makes Rootkit Attacks Damaging to Remote Businesses

In the year 2020, as many as 56% of companies worldwide changed their business model and went remote. This was followed by a record-breaking number of cyberattacks. Hackers used the opportunity to...
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All About Cybersecurity for Students: Incident Examples & Useful Tips

These days students use the internet more than ever. They can study remotely, consult with professors, find out their exam schedule, share files, search for useful information, visit online...
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The Basics of Online Cybersecurity

In the age of the internet, life is good. The technology of today provides solutions to nearly every problem. However, any and all internet use carries with it the ever present, if uncommon threat...
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What Do You Need to Add to Your 2021 Cybersecurity Budget?

The FBI reports that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of complaints about cyberattacks has increased by 400%. Interpol has confirmed this, and is seeing an alarming number of...
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Malware - Jan 13, 2021

How to Boost Business Cybersecurity and Protect Against Online Attacks

To any organization, data and sensitive information is what keeps the business running and allows for the completion of everyday tasks. Data can be the most valuable thing among all the expensive hardware, and it can be the...
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Malware - Oct 18, 2020

Security Measures Businesses and Individuals Can Take to Avoid Phishing Attacks

This article first appeared on Contextual Security's website, and is reprinted here in partnership with them.
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Malware - Oct 15, 2020

Cybersecurity in the COVID-Era Workplace

Businesses face more challenges than ever in the COVID-era workplace. Aside from the usual hurdles, you now have to think about employees working outside the office and causing potential security issues, your data and...
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Malware - Oct 2, 2020

These New Google Search Hacks Push Viruses and Porn

An entirely foolproof digital system has yet to be masterminded. Meanwhile, this is wishful thinking. Computers can be hacked, smartphones can be jailbroken, and IoT devices in a smart home are low-hanging fruit for remote...
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Malware - Sep 25, 2020

The Rise of the First Cyber Extortion Cartel

Although different ransomware gangs operate in the same niche of cybercrime, they are rivals that don’t share their tactics, techniques, and procedures with like-minded bad actors. Conspiracy is a way to maintain a...
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