5 Technological Trends Affecting Work in 2020

2020 hit many of us with a lot of unforeseen events, and these events forced us to work differently. Not just that, but trends that had started the year prior gained more dominance this year.
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Improve Your Small Business with the Internet of Things

The internet has completely revolutionized the way that the human race goes about daily activities. It has also changed how business is conducted. In order for you to run a successful business of...
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The Biggest Benefits of Network Monitoring

How many times have you received the dreaded call – your network is down. In many situations, your IT department doesn’t have the visibility necessary to get ahead of possible performance...
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Information Security for Managing Remote Projects

It is quite evident that the world is increasingly shifting towards remote working. While working remotely has its own advantages – it gives the flexibility and freedom of working independently...
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4 Ways to Protect Your Business’ Information and Data

Human and software errors all have the power to jeopardize the business information in your company’s computer network. If you have not taken the necessary measures, you risk your business'...
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Security - Feb 22, 2020

How to Minimize Your Cloud Security Risks

Running a company is a big risk. There are so many things that can go wrong, and yet, we see entrepreneurs starting new and promising companies every day. There are common risks and less common risks. If you want to run a...
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Security - Feb 1, 2020

Data Security Solutions for Fintech Startups

The fintech sector has brought consumers an endless stream of modern offerings that have enabled them to ditch several outdated banking and lending products.
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Security - Jan 17, 2020

How To Counter Data Breaches: 3 Simple Ways To Protect Your Data

Almost everything is computerized in our world today. While the internet and cloud have brought many benefits, things can (and do) go wrong.
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Technology - Jan 7, 2020

What is Encryption? - A Quick Overview

Over the last year, the public has been sitting on the sidelines watching as the debate on encryption unfolds. It’s an emotionally charged subject that has the public divided.
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3 min read
Legal - Dec 18, 2019

Compliance is a Team Project

With all the rules and regulations surrounding the compliance alphabet soup in play today, it will take more than one person to bring your company in line.
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