Cybersecurity in the COVID-Era Workplace

Businesses face more challenges than ever in the COVID-era workplace. Aside from the usual hurdles, you now have to think about employees working outside the office and causing potential security...
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10 Ways to Protect the Intellectual Property of Your Business

WHAT IS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OR IP? IP is any original design, idea, creative work, invention, or discovery by an individual or group. You can own a song, book, mathematical system, digital...
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What is Business Intelligence Technology & How Can It Benefit You?

Can any business truly thrive without the use of systems that leverage data and analytics for better decision-making processes? Not in the modern world. Luckily, business intelligence (BI) tech...
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5 Common Accidental Sources of Data Leaks

In cybersecurity and infosec, it’s common to assume that criminals are behind all data breaches and major security events. Bad actors are easy to blame for information leaks or account takeovers,...
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How Big Data Is Disrupting Incumbent Industries

Data analysis has been around since the last century, but when it came to vast amounts of it, there weren’t minds—or later computers—powerful enough to process it all. After some developments in...
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Business - Aug 24, 2020

Data Processing - Start With These 5 Areas to Boost Your Business

Data, data collection, and data analysis are three of the most prominent and essential terms associated with modern marketing. Data, when obtained and utilized properly, serves as a key to unlocking more informed and effective...
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Business - Aug 10, 2020

4 Budget-Friendly AI Solutions For Small Businesses

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are becoming an integral part of businesses and a way to distinguish yourself as an engaged and forward-thinking company. With AI usage up more than 270% since 2015, using automated and...
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Technology - Aug 8, 2020

How Machines Learn and Why Artificial Intelligence Is Not Intelligent

The popularity of machine learning and artificial intelligence has continued to grow for many years and has finally gotten the spotlight. But what are these terms?
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Business - Aug 4, 2020

6 Key Performance Indicators Every Business Should Track

Running a business requires careful decision making. Increasingly, business owners are turning to data to help them make better decisions.
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Business - Jun 26, 2020

Top Business Intelligence Trends of 2020

This post is in collaboration with Makeen Technologies, and originally appeared on their blog.
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