How to Craft the Perfect Business Email

Take a look at the unread emails in your inbox and make note of your course of action. Which emails do you immediately delete without opening? Open, but not scroll through entirely before deciding...
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Three Ways to Support a Positive Workplace Culture

To have a positive workplace culture and to promote optimism within the business, clarity and communication is a must. If your staff doesn’t know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, or how...
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Three Strategies for Better Work Meetings

It really doesn’t matter what type of business you run or how many employees you have; the better you are at holding meetings, the more motivated your staff will be to stay productive and to...
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Is the Most Effective Meeting No Meeting At All?

According to FastCompany, Google’s head of marketing holds 20 meetings a day. How does she do all this and still have a sane mind and a productive workday? Simple. She stays far away from the...
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How to Best Use Email to Boost Your Company's ROI

There is more to the seemingly simple topic than meets the eye, albeit everyone knows nowadays that email marketing can be the cheapest and most successful way of advertising by far.
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Productivity - Nov 20, 2018

The Technology and Tools Every Office Manager and Assistant Needs

Office managers, administrators, and assistants are known to be constantly busy. Wearing possibly every hat in existence is expected and has become the norm for you!
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Legal - May 24, 2018

Top Four Reasons Clients Fire Their Lawyers (and How to Prevent It!)

Keeping your clients satisfied and on-board is ideal for any attorney. Unhappy clients = poor reviews and lost revenue!
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Hardware - Feb 23, 2017

BYOD: The Risks and Rewards for a Business

There are a lot of advantages to mobility in today’s workforce, but the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) movement has brought its share of headaches as well.
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Communication - Jan 6, 2017

VoIP: Communication Technology for the Modern Business

Business technology is constantly changing and improving. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling technology is a great example of this. It has been gaining popularity among both individual subscribers and businesses.
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Productivity - Oct 31, 2016

Outlook Productivity Tips and Tricks - Take Back Your Inbox!

How much time do you waste in your Outlook inbox every workweek?
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