How to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

We’re spending more and more time in the office. Yet productivity is stagnant. According to published research, the average employee only works about two hours and 53 minutes per day. And that’s...
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Improve Your Chances of Qualifying for a Small Business Loan

Let's face it. Business owners need access to working capital to run their businesses. In this post, you'll learn how to qualify for funding so your business stays a step ahead of the competition.
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Five Types of Technology That Your Business Should Be Using

There is no understating the feeling that comes with starting your own business. With your own business, you get the freedom to pursue things you love in life, instead of being stuck in a tedious...
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Four Tips for Writing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report

It may be tempting to dismiss a CSR report as something that nobody is going to read. After all, how much time should one take on a document that's maybe at best a formality - something that is...
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How To

How to Easily Transition Employees Back to the Office Again

Depending on where you live, you may be beginning to reach the end of the era where everyone is working from home. Even if it is a long way off yet, you are probably looking forward to the day...
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Productivity - May 13, 2020

Six Ways Optimizing Technology Can Improve Your Business Efficiency

Optimizing computing infrastructure is one of the keys to improving the efficiency of your business. Without optimized technology, your company wouldn't be as productive as anticipated. Also, it wouldn't be able to keep up...
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Productivity - May 11, 2020

In-Office Versus Remote Workers: How Do They Compare?

In an ever-changing digital workplace, the latest concept to be outmoded may be the office itself. Recent research suggests more than 40 percent of workers have worked remotely to some extent, and this telecommuting trend is...
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Productivity - May 8, 2020

Why and How to Improve Process Efficiency in Your Business

This article originally appeared on and is reprinted here in collaboration with them. --- Process efficiency can make or break your business. Want proof? Just look at Ford and McDonald’s. When Henry Ford...
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Security - May 5, 2020

Remote Security Monitoring on the Rise, But Does Your Company Need It?

Remote security monitoring is the technology to view live or recorded video footage of security cameras from any computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to them over the internet. This gives businesses owners, managers, and...
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Productivity - May 1, 2020

Seven Best Work From Home Tips From People Who Do It Successfully

In today’s modern world, remote work is no longer considered extraordinary or unusual. Whether you’re working as a freelancer or your company simply encourages remote work, you are a part of a growing group of people whose...
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