Four Ways to Protect Your Business’ Information and Data

Human and software errors all have the power to jeopardize the business information in your company’s computer network. If you have not taken the necessary measures, you risk your business'...
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Five Ways to Back Up Your Data and Keep It Safe

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in life and business is failing to adequately back up the essential files comprising the most important works of your life.
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The Dangers of Not Having a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Backup and disaster recovery is one of those things that all businesses need to have in case of disaster. It could be a natural disaster such as a tornado, a hardware failure, or even an attack...
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Disaster Recovery - What It Is and Why Your Business Needs It

WHAT IS DISASTER RECOVERY AND HOW DOES IT WORK? Disaster recovery is just what it sounds like - creating a detailed, thorough plan for your organization to recover and get back to business in...
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How Businesses Can Avoid Potential Network Failures

For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), an IT network failure can be devastating because they don't have the resources of large corporations to bounce back from such disasters. Preparation...
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Backup - Jan 12, 2017

Data Security and Protection Checklist for Small Business

In a world where malware, hacks, and data breaches are becoming more advanced and common it's more important than ever to protect your business' lifeblood - its data.
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Backup - May 24, 2016

The 10 Commandments of Computer Security

There is no such thing as too much security when it comes to your computer (and any electronic devices!) Most people use their electronics for sensitive activities like banking, paying bills, shopping, and emailing - making...
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Backup - Jan 13, 2016

Preparing Your Business for Data Loss in a Disaster

No one thinks they will be the victim of a data disaster - it's human nature to think we will beat the odds. But disasters happen every day and come in all shapes and sizes. If your business doesn't have a detailed recovery...
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Backup - Jul 28, 2014

Backing Up Your Data - Choosing a Method and Configuring Your Backups

This is part two of our Backing Up Your Data series, read part one here - choosing a storage medium.
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9 min read
Hardware - Jun 27, 2014

Backing Up Your Data - Which Storage Medium Should You Choose?

Here at Techvera, we have heard countless horror stories of lost data. Irreplaceable pictures, documents you have spent hours working on, music and games, all gone in the blink of an eye.
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