How Modern Technologies Have Positively Changed Lives

Technological innovations have led to the development of applications that can efficiently perform specific tasks. These have made societies evolve, thrive, and adjust to the changes in the...
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2 Ways to Install a VoIP Phone System at Your Business

In our last two VoIP blogs, we’ve discussed the pros, cons, and popularity of using VoIP phone systems for small businesses. And we have concluded that VoIP technology is only going to become more...
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Tips for Rebuilding Your Business Credit in 2021

2020 was a challenging year for everyone, both personally and in business. As people lost income and struggled with credit, businesses did too. If your business credit rating has taken a hit as...
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Essential Tools for Starting a Virtual Career Full Time

Working from home became increasingly popular during the Coronavirus lockdown because you can work how you like and set your own schedule.
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5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Fitness Community

The recent developments in technology have brought a lot of changes to the fitness industry. From biometric evaluations to personalized workouts from home, new technology makes fitness more...
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Data - Jan 19, 2021

Online Education Using Big Data: Solution or Disaster?

Technology is evolving rapidly, and Big Data analytics is fast becoming one of the most viable ways for companies to gain the business insights required to start operating in a more consumer-aligned way.
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Security - Jan 17, 2021

5 Best Cybersecurity Tips For Data-Centric Businesses In 2021

With the rapid change in technology and the emergence of big data, firms are relying on data to drive their businesses more than ever. The amount of data generated and stored is growing at an exponential pace. Additionally,...
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Communication - Jan 16, 2021

The Benefits of a VoIP Phone System

In our recent blog, What is Voice over IP (VoIP) Business Technology?, we took a look at what VoIP is, how it's evolved, and how businesses are using it, and concluded that, yes, most likely it can help your organization....
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Productivity - Jan 15, 2021

7 Skills Employees Should Have for a Productive Work From Home Experience

The unprecedented pandemic has struck the lives of individuals and has brought forth a so-called “new normal” to the entire world. To this new phenomenon, businesses are of no exemption. In fact, the old workspace rules and...
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Malware - Jan 13, 2021

How to Boost Business Cybersecurity and Protect Against Online Attacks

To any organization, data and sensitive information is what keeps the business running and allows for the completion of everyday tasks. Data can be the most valuable thing among all the expensive hardware, and it can be the...
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