These New Google Search Hacks Push Viruses and Porn

An entirely foolproof digital system has yet to be masterminded. Meanwhile, this is wishful thinking. Computers can be hacked, smartphones can be jailbroken, and IoT devices in a smart home are...
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Five Ways Technology Drives Small Business Growth

Business growth is always at the top of every business manager’s and/or owner’s mind. Without growth, no matter the size or scope of a given business, the chances of failure are always very high....
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10 Ways to Protect the Intellectual Property of Your Business

WHAT IS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OR IP? IP is any original design, idea, creative work, invention, or discovery by an individual or group. You can own a song, book, mathematical system, digital...
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The Rise of the First Cyber Extortion Cartel

Although different ransomware gangs operate in the same niche of cybercrime, they are rivals that don’t share their tactics, techniques, and procedures with like-minded bad actors. Conspiracy is a...
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What is Business Intelligence Technology & How Can It Benefit You?

Can any business truly thrive without the use of systems that leverage data and analytics for better decision-making processes? Not in the modern world. Luckily, business intelligence (BI) tech...
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6 min read
Business - Sep 20, 2020

Why Is Email Archiving Necessary for Your Company?

While people rarely archive their personal email correspondence, companies are legally required to do so – in the US anyway. Deleting business communication is simply not done in companies that are committed to maintaining a...
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8 min read
Business - Sep 16, 2020

Email List Building Tips to Help Grow Your Online Business

Most business owners falsely believe that email marketing is outdated, redundant, or even irrelevant. That’s because nowadays there are faster and newer ways to reach customers and prospective clients such as social media and...
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12 min read
Productivity - Sep 14, 2020

Fleet Management Processes: How To Optimize Your Fleets in 2020

In industries that rely heavily on transportation (like trucking, food delivery, and more), the cost of running and maintaining a fleet of vehicles is a significant portion of your total operating cost.
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9 min read
Security - Sep 11, 2020

Five Common Accidental Sources of Data Leaks

In cybersecurity and infosec, it’s common to assume that criminals are behind all data breaches and major security events. Bad actors are easy to blame for information leaks or account takeovers, because they’re the ones...
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4 min read
Business - Sep 8, 2020

Four Reasons Your Business Should Be Using the Cloud

Wouldn't it be great if you could have everything you need for your business in one spot, available to access from wherever you are without the need to carry around an additional laptop or mobile device?
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