Improve Customer Experience by Combining Chatbots and Phone Calls

With the advance of the internet, customer support has moved online. Live chat, chatbots, email support, and social media conversations are just some of the numerous examples of virtual customer...
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Important Technology Tools Your Legal Firm Needs to Work Remotely

While some professions have already embraced the opportunities that remote work offers, others are only joining the game. This applies to much of the legal sector, and their precaution was only...
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Why It's Important to Improve the Technology in Your Small Business

Not a day goes by that a business doesn’t use a variety of software solutions to enable their team’s workflow and seamless organization. Tech has become the cornerstone of growth and development...
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Five Reasons Why Your Startup Must Upgrade Its Tech Right Now

The large multinational companies have come a long way from small brick-and-mortar businesses, and technology advancement has had a substantial influence on the transformation of different...
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Types of Technology Manufacturing Businesses Should Invest In

In 2018,, the Chinese ecommerce company, launched a fully automated warehouse in Shanghai. It is equipped with 20 industrial robots that perform all tasks, from packing the inventory to...
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Jacob Wilson

Jacob Wilson is a business consultant, and an organizational psychologist, based in Brisbane. Passionate about marketing, social networks, and business in general. In his spare time, he writes a lot about new business strategies and digital marketing for

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Business - Jan 25, 2020

SEO Techniques That Will Propel Your Business' Online Presence

The reasoning behind introducing search engine optimization to your marketing strategy is simple: to be able to grow your business, you need to increase your customer base. To expand your customer base, you need to get noticed...
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Scam - Dec 3, 2019

Cybersecurity in 2020: Five Threats You Should Prepare For

As the world wide web continues to grow and evolve, and as more and more websites start to appear in the online world, the threat of cyber attacks, scams, and data leaks rises as a result. The more consumers venture into the...
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Business - Nov 16, 2019

How Software Impacts Digital Marketing Campaigns

Ever since we stepped into this digital era, the field of marketing is in constant flux. For a business to promote its brand and products to reach the target audience and increase sales, it needs to constantly stay in touch...
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Business - Sep 19, 2019

Strategies to Improve the Financial Performance of Your Business

You started your small business with little money but a lot of enthusiasm and dedication. Along the way, you learned that being an entrepreneur entails more than just a desire to succeed, so in time, you had to tweak your...
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4 min read
Business - Aug 15, 2019

How Technology Can Help You Start Investing

Technology has made investors’ lives far easier. In the past, you needed to do research on your own, handle mountains of paperwork, and classify and analyze the data you collect manually. Today, with the help of the right...
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